Locally Sourced

Community is everything to us. Winter Park Seltzer is a proud product of Rollins College alumni and spawned from the local food movement at the East End Market. The locally owned and operated sparkling water is responsibly and sustainably manufactured and distributed by Winter Park Seltzer LLC operating at Quantum Leap Winery, Florida’s only sustainable winery.

Winter Park Seltzer exclusively bottles Lower Floridan Aquifer water drawn from one of the largest naturally occurring, free-flowing underground waterways in the world. Considered among the best tasting water sources on Earth, our water source is both naturally renewable and naturally cleansed, fed by rainwater and filtered through hundreds of feet of rock, undergoing a natural cleansing process

We also source bottles and labels from Central Florida suppliers and sell exclusively to local customers. Doing so allows us to generate a considerably smaller carbon footprint compared to all other seltzer brands on the market today. We’re cutting the carbon out of carbonated water.

Through our signature Bottle Tree program, we offset our carbon footprint by planting one Florida indigenous tree for every thousand units sold. So far, we planted four trees, thus reducing our carbon cost by 200 pounds annually.


Winter Park Seltzer is filtered, produced and bottled by hand in small batches to make sure customers enjoy only the highest quality sparkling water. Each batch is carefully inspected for optimum fizziness, bite and quenchability.

Crisp & Lasting Bubbles

We carbonate Winter Park Seltzer at a high pressure for 4 days—one day longer than most sodas. Doing so extends the life of your seltzer and prevents any premature flatness.